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  1. alicethebusyone:

    This is a little gift for you all. I can’t give you much and I know this is not enough because you Tumblr people are too special for me, you are and will be my family; I’m feeling so lucky because I am a part of something special here. So if you see this post, give it a listen because it’s for you and it took me a lot of time to arrange it and record it. It’s not perfect because I recorded it live but it’s my way to wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Merry Xmas!

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  2. thatguyinthetardis said: Hey. So, you followed me on twitter and you ship Klaine and like Doctor Who. And I think you're really cute. So, hi.

    Hi! Thank you do much! I love you!

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  4. Reblog this if you’re insecure about your looks.

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  5. times you found me interesting

    times you found me interesting
  6. alicethebusyone:

    So… This is the song I’ve been working at for the last few days. I had the opportunity to record it live: it’s not perfect as a studio version could be and I messed up a bit with the lyrics a couple of times, but I really, really hope you’ll like it anyway. 

    If you want to download it for free click here

    that’s really good!

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  8. riveracriss:

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  10. usnavis:

    Teenage Dream (Acoustic) - Glee Cast

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  11. cannipig said: not much really ^.^ you? x

    Yeah, same here! I’m a bit sad, a stupid anon is ruining my days, but yeah

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  13. What should I do?

    This person (anon) on tumblr is going on saying bad things to me, it’s been three days now, my inbox is full of hate messages… I really don’t know what to do! I love Fangirling all the time and being here, but I don’t think I can take it anymore. I’m not sure: should I delete my url? :(

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  15. Anonymous said: (I was the first anon c:) Yes omg lets be friends haha x

    that’s pretty cool! Feel free to tell me who you are, I already love you, I’d like to send you some of that love to you sometimes… Not just reply to your supermegaincrediblycute questions… xxx

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  17. Anonymous said: Ure first anonymous question u stupid french fags i wish you all die you dont deserve to live french and gay if your nigga even worse

    a) What the hell is wrong with you?

    b)I’m french, but my English is still better than yours!

    c) There is always a “c” but I don’t think you deserve it: I’m gay, I’m french but at least I’m proud of it, I don’t hide, you do… You’re straight but you are an ignorant anon.

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